Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dear Family and Friends,
Thanks for taking a minute to check out our blog. We need your help.

When Lily was born, both of her hips were dislocated. For the first three months she was in a harness all day and night. After three months they decreased the time that she had to be in it to just naps and nighttime.

When she was six months old we found out that it had worked for her right hip but not for her left hip. The next step was to do surgery and try to put the left hip back in place. So, when she was seven months old she had the surgery. After surgery they had to put her in a spica cast to hold her hips still and give the bones a chance to form. She was in the cast for 4 months and got it off right before her first birthday.

Three months later we found out that her hip was dislocated again. They decided to wait for her bones to get harder before they did surgery again. On October 27th, Lily will have surgery again to try to fix her hips. They will do basically the same procedure but they will do the surgery from a different angle to try to make it work better. This surgery will be more invasive and she will have the spica cast again.

We would like to invite you to join us in a special fast for Lily. We believe that fasting and prayers are more effective than prayer alone. We will be fasting for her on Sunday October 25th. Please pray for her little spirit to have some understanding of why this is happening. Pray that her doctors will be guided and inspired on the best way to help her. Pray that her doctors will know how much she is loved. Pray that we will have the strength as a family to make it through the next several months.

We know that your love, fasting, and prayers will help to sustain us through this difficult time. We love you.


zimfam said...

Shreann - thank you for including us in this special time. We will definitely be apart of the fast next Sunday. We pray and hope that all goes well for Lily and you guys. You must be one STRONG family! loves

Stamp With Linz said...

You got it. With love, The Blackhursts

BerryFamily5 said...

Hey you two - thank you for letting us know about this Sunday. We will definitely give of our fasting and prayers for your precious little one! Your family is amazing and wonderful in every way. We are strengthened by you. May you feel all of our love for you in the coming days. The Berry Family - Darren, Nicole, Rachel, Jared, & Justin - xoxoxoxoxxo

Amy said...

We will be honored to fast and pray for you on Sunday as well. (Actually, we pray for you often.) We love that little Lily! And all of you! Love, The Saunders

Cali J-Fam said...

Hey Texas Stirlands - We are grateful to be included in your family's happenings and updates. Our thoughts and prayers are most definitely with you as you anticipate and prepare for Lily's surgery. May you feel the peace and calm you seek.

Lovingly, your So-Cal cousins,

Karlyn and fam

Todd said...

Her name (and yours) is on the prayer roll at the Dallas Temple.

chiara family said...



I will pray for you guys but at the moment I can't fast as I am preggo....(yuck) know my thought...but the Chiara family are on the boat with ya.

Loves your way.

We have pleanty of news and being pregnant is just the start.

Talk to you soon
Love Maria

Maria said...

Hey Texas Stirlands! You are brave parents. But I marvel at Lily's strength! What an amazing spirit she has. I am sure her grandpa Stirland is watching over her. You are in our thoughts and prayers. "Everything will work out all right in the end. If it hasn't worked out yet, it is not the end." Love, cousin Maria and kiddos

JuliaGulia said...

You all will be in our thoughts and prayers. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you. Dinners when you get home or whatever.
Your family has a special place in our hearts.
The Whitmers

LINDSEY said...

Absolutely. We'll be thinking of all of you and sending our love from Lubbock.

Tanilee said...

100% we will be fasting and praying with you guys this Sunday. We think of you all often and love and admire you for all that you do. Love yoU! Blake & Tanilee Matthews

The Kuykendalls... said...

I found your page via the Blackhursts and have enjoyed getting to know more about you. I hope you don't mind. I will definately keep you all in my prayers. Let me know if you need anything.

Tressa said...

We will definitely be joining your fast & you are in our prayers. Good luck & please let me know if you need anything.

The LeCheminants

Nathan Beck said...

I am fasting and praying for you today. I will pray a bunch for Lily and her doctors on Tuesday also. I love you all TONS!!